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Netgate 6100 MAX pfSense+ Security Gateway

 The Netgate® 6100 with pfSense® Plus software is one of the most versatile security gateways in its class. It combines the power of an Intel C3558 Quad Core CPU with integrated (QAT) QuickAssist Technology & AES-NI and 8 GB of memory for a snappy user experience, delivering over 18 Gbps of L3 routing across 8 independent 1 GbE, 2.5 GbE, and 10 GbE Flexible WAN/LAN ports. The 6100 is capable of performing high-throughput firewall, routing, and VPN applications. Despite its powerful performance the 6100 operates in complete silence with a passive cooling system and is ideal for pro-home, small/medium businesses, or edge deployments.

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מק"ט 6100MAX קטגוריה

The Netgate 6100 is an ideal edge gateway solution for any organization in need of versatile network connectivity with 1 to 10 Gbps flexible WAN/LAN connections and 8 GB of DDR4 memory to deliver exceptional throughput performance.

L3 Forwarding

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 18.76 Gbps (1.61 Mpps)
  • IMIX Traffic: 6.62 Gbps (2.27 Mpps)


(10k ACLs)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 10.07 Gbps (862 kpps)
  • IMIX Traffic: 2.67 Gbps (941 kpps)


(AES-GCM-128 w/QAT)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 2.07 Gbps (186 kpps)
  • IMIX Traffic: 545 Mbps (187 kpps)

Netgate 6100 performance tests conducted with pfSense plus software version 21.05 RC

The Netgate 6100 will also be compatible with TNSR software. TNSR is a high-performance software router capable of producing considerable performance increases far beyond the limits of pfSense Plus software.

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